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2018 We Do Miles Challenge

Challenge starts June 1, 2018
2018 We Do Miles Head Start 1

How to Get Points

Volunteer in a Strider event - 10 miles
Member referral - 20 miles
Attend a monthly club meeting - 10 miles
Attend a Saturday Group Run/Walk - 3 miles
Attend a Sunday Group Run/Walk - 3 miles
Social Event / Party w/ no charge - 7 miles
Monthly Thursday Group Run/Walk - 5 miles
Wearing Strider gear to any Strider event or run 1 mile each
Wearing Strider gear at a race or run out of town 5 miles each (45 miles or >)
Volunteer at Strider tent -10 miles
Attend dining option after a group run - 1 mile  


Please e-mail any questions to: We Do Miles Challenge Headquarters